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Insights into Philippians 4:13

The following is the complete form of Chapter 11 of the current book I'm working on, entitled "Walking Through Trials Together: And How God is STILL Good" This particular chapter is titled: "Insights into Philippians 4:13" I grew up playing sports, primarily baseball and basketball.  Practically from birth, I either had a ball or a bat in my hand.  Sports were and still are a major part of my life.  I mention sports because they, particularly baseball, tie into the passage I would like to comment on in this chapter.  When I was in high school, I was a relief pitcher and backup outfielder.  We had an amazing group of athletes on that team, three of which played Division I baseball and two of those three went pro.  Baseball had been a part of my life the longest when it came to sports and it is still a sport I enjoy and miss playing to this day.  During my freshman year of high school, I wrote a Bible verse in my glove, that verse being the above Philipp

Are You Thankful for God?

Thanksgiving is here and I don't know about you, but it feels like it arrives quicker and quicker with each passing year.  Time waits for no one and it certainly never stops. As I started to reflect on the Thanksgiving holiday, the general scene that came to mind was one of family, food and football.  God is very rarely included in this time of thanks, even in the Christian home.  This is a sad reality. The question must be posed as we approach another opportunity to be intentionally thankful: Are you thankful for God? If you're a Christian reading this question, it may take you aback.  'What do you mean, am I thankful for God?  Of course I am.  I'm a Christian.'  That's great, we should all be thankful for God.  But really ponder this question: Are we truly thankful for all of who God is? We love Him for the blessings and of course for Jesus, but do we love ALL of Him?  Are we thankful for ALL of Him? Let's go to Psalm 90 . “Lord, You have be