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At all costs, get wisdom

" Get wisdom, get understanding ..."  -Proverbs 4:5 One of my all-time favorite books of the Bible is the collection of wisdom literature in Proverbs.  Proverbs are so practical and yet so profound.  They teach of the unsurpassed value of wisdom and why we should all pursue it with all we have.  Wisdom of course begins and ends with Jesus so true wisdom can only be found through a relationship with Him through faith.  After faith, the Spirit begins sanctifying the believer until the day of his/her physical death.  Through that process, the Spirit uses the Word of God to develop our Spiritual maturity and character - to help us to pursue holiness, which is intertwined with wisdom and self-control. Before moving forward, it needs to be understood that Eastern wisdom literature is to be taken in general terms, not as guarantees or promises.  In other words, the Proverbs, although fully inspired and breathed out by God, are statements made that are true for us "generally