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A short post....

Bad things happen all around us everyday. Sometimes they happen to us, and sometimes they happen to others. This is a sad reality of living in a sin-cursed world (Gen. 3). Absolutely everything was jacked up after that one event, thus we find ourselves in a jacked up world living tough lives that seem to have more difficulty than blessing. But you know what? That’s all ok. Well, how can I say that? Because God is good! Well how can I possibly say that? Because God came to this jacked up world and lived a tough life for roughly 33 years. Not only did He do that, He came with a mission - to reconcile all of us jacked up and sinful people to Himself. -He kept His own Law for us. -He paid the price of punishment His Law required of us (the Law breakers), stepping into our place in the judgment seat at the cross. -He freely offers us forgiveness and reconciliation with Him through repentance and faith, when we have done nothing to deserve or earn it. So, in a sin-filled, jac